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Welcome to Illinois' 4th House District

State Representative Lilian Jiménez


As your representative for the IL-4th House District, I'm dedicated to championing progressive policies and laws that foster inclusivity and empowerment across our diverse communities. My unwavering commitment is to advocate for equal opportunities in education, accessible healthcare, economic empowerment, safe neighborhoods, uplifting environmental concerns and fighting for more affordable housing.

I am committed to amplify the voices of the underprivileged and marginalized, advocating for their rights and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to grow in our state. 

All the best,
State Rep. Lilian Jimenez 


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Proudly Representing 

View the the 4th district map

How Can We Assist You?

Our office is here and ready to serve the constituents of the 4th House District. Whether you are looking for help with state agencies or need help connecting with available resources in our communities, we are here for you and will assist to the best of our abilities.

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Public Safety 

Lilian has been dedicated in her commitment to championing legislation aimed at enhancing public safety. Through her relentless advocacy, she has effectively championed  significant bills forward during this legislative session, marking huge progress in our pursuit of positive change. These legislative achievements not only signify a step forward but also establish a solid groundwork for a more hopeful and resilient future in Illinois.

As a devoted parent raising a 4-year-old son in Chicago, Lilian recognizes the critical importance of ensuring a safe environment for all children and community members. Her dedication to advocating for legislation sets a personal commitment to creating a secure and nurturing atmosphere for the next generation. In striving for these changes, Lilian not only contributes to the immediate well-being of her own family but also seeks to foster a broader sense of safety and security within the community at large.

Public Safety Resources
Within Our Communities

Our office is dedicated to fostering collaborative partnerships with local organizations focused on public safety and community protection. By working hand in hand with these impactful entities, we strive to create a united front in addressing the diverse needs of our community.


Together, we organize resourceful events tailored for individuals of all ages, spanning from young children and youths to adults, seniors, and newly arrived neighbors. Through this collective effort, we aim to build a safer, more resilient community that caters to the well-being of every member.

Upcoming Community
Events / Updates 

Our office partners with a variety of non-profits and agencies to bring our community members the most up to date resources. Stop by one of the events we are participating in and come by our table!

Latest District and Springfield Updates

4th House District Map

I am honored to be able to represent such a diverse community filled with culture and passion. Our district consists of Humboldt Park, Ukrainian Village, West Town and Hermosa.

Our district maps have changed!

Since the 2020 census, new district boundaries have been drawn across the State of Illinois.


Please visit the link below to see if your representatives have changed.


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