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Jiménez Highlights Responsible Budget Plan,Investments in Education

Updated: Jun 5, 2023


From State Representative Lilian Jiménez (4th)


Mary 27thth, 2023 State Rep. Lilian Jiménez


Jiménez Highlights Responsible Budget Plan,Investments in Education

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Lilian Jiménez, D-Chicago, released the following statement Saturday after backing a responsible budget plan that supports working families, prioritizes

childcare and increases funding for classrooms:

“This is a responsible and compassionate budget that smartly commits resources toward services working families and vulnerable communities depend on.

“By investing $350 million more toward classrooms, we’re fulfilling our evidence-based funding promise to give every student an opportunity to succeed. We also recognize the toll that high childcare costs are having on families, which is why we’re directing millions more toward childcare programs as well as committing new resources for

early childhood education."

“A significant increase in the Monetary Award Program is also going to help more people pursue a college degree that otherwise may have been unaffordable. These priorities are not just relevant in the short-term, they will have a positive, lasting impact for generations of families."

“This balanced budget builds on a legislative session where I have been focused on cutting costs for low-income families, making our criminal justice system more compassionate and

strengthening protections for our most vulnerable. We’ve made good progress, but more work remains."

“As I return home from Springfield, I look forward to the conversations ahead with area

residents and stakeholders as we work together to build a stronger Illinois for everyone.”



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